America’s Last Stand at Affordable Housing

Do you know how many Americans live in Mobile Home Parks? 5.6% of the U.S. population, almost 18 million people, call a mobile home “home.” The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) reports that in 2021, manufactured housing accounted for 9% of new, single-family home starts.

Massive Passive Income with Land Investing – Brent Bowers

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Build your financial fortress around vacant land and learn how Brent Bowers consistently takes this investing game plan to the next level. Dive into this episode to thrive in this profitable, passive income-generating niche while giving value to others, and overcome all your fears to dominate the real estate market. Key Takeaways From This Episode […]

From Single Mom to Real Estate Success Story with Dwan Bent-Twyford

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Catch America’s most sought-after real estate investing coach, Dwan Bent-Twyford, as she shares her real estate knowledge and experience in this conversation about rehabbing a town, leasing properties, and overcoming fear as a novice investor. So don’t miss this episode to learn from one of the industry’s leading experts. Key Takeaways From This Episode Remodeling properties: Its challenges […]

From Tough Relationships To Relationships Built to Last with Brett McCollum

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In this episode, believe in the power of establishing meaningful relationships and start seeing them as business opportunities. From a failed partnership to a cash flow-generating business collaboration, Brett McCollum shares the value of having a support system and learning the art of trust in a partnership. Listen in to acquire lessons about his story! […]

From Broke to a 7 Figure Business with Rashard Alomari

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Be empowered to achieve more business success with today’s guest Rashard Alomari, as we dive into marketing tips, the advantages of wholesaling compared to other real estate strategies, and achieving the maximum profit from wholesaling. Take advantage of this episode and keep learning more! Key Takeaways From This Episode Why scaling is the biggest challenge […]

Dominating Data with Jesus Toledo

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Learn the convenience that data services could bring to real estate with today’s guest Jesus Toledo, who shows us the benefits of high-quality data for your business needs. Keep listening and discover how fantastic data lead generation works, which investors best fit the services, and how you can level up your real estate game. Key […]

0-600 Mobile Home Pads in 2 Years with Brett Bowman

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Let’s debunk mobile home parks’ misconceptions with today’s guest Brett Bowman. In this episode, he joins us to show how he continuously and massively grows in this niche, the critical components of buying mobile home assets, and how to minimize its management risks. Take advantage of more dominating business growth strategies by tuning in! Key […]

Mistakes to Avoid For New Commercial Real Estate Investors with Atty. Ron Rohde

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Today’s episode features a successful industrial investor and commercial real estate lawyer Atty. Ron Rohde, sharing his extensive background in the real estate business. We’ll cover structuring deals, the dos and don’ts in industrial property investing, and seeking advice from a real estate attorney for legal issues involved in commercial investing. Tune in to learn […]

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