Business Divorce with BJ Gremillion

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Tune in for another episode with valuable information for real estate professionals! Today’s guest BJ Gremillion shares his story of business growth through a successful partnership, possible ups and downs on your real estate journey, and the most vital components to consider in a COO or business partner. Get expert investing advice and practical tips […]

The Easiest Property To Own. Industrial Property with Chad Griffiths

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Learn from this episode with our guest Chad Griffiths, providing the ultimate guide to investing in industrial properties, what to look out for when getting deals in this niche, and why it’s a great addition to your portfolio. Make sure to tune in and get your hands on some gold nuggets! Key Takeaways From This […]

Building Passive Income with Russ Morgan & Joey Mure

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Want to earn more and work less? You up for the challenge? Sign up for the 20x Profit Challenge hosted by Neil Timmins at To access a FREE collection of resources, go to Do you find it struggling to choose the right investment that fits your needs? Today, we invited two guests to the show […]

Real Estate Entrepreneur By Solving Problems with Eric Martel

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Learn some passive income streams you don’t even realize as we got a Turnkey expert Eric Martel on the show! Today, he’ll share his highs and lows when he’s taking advantage of the tech industry as an investment and how he serves as the solution for other people’s problems. Join us in this episode with […]

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