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Be empowered to achieve more business success with today’s guest Rashard Alomari, as we dive into marketing tips, the advantages of wholesaling compared to other real estate strategies, and achieving the maximum profit from wholesaling. Take advantage of this episode and keep learning more!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Why scaling is the biggest challenge in the real estate business
  • The effectiveness of cold calling in converting leads into deals
  • A great business plan to create more profit for your business and your team members
  • The importance of having a high sense of urgency

References/Links Mentioned

About Rashard Alomari

Rashard Alomari is a husband, father, and dream chaser. He has gone from negative $100,000 in consumer debt, ZERO money, no formal education, 3 children under 13 months old, and living in a town of 800 people 1 hour from any major metro to Multi-millionaire within 4 years! Through much trial and error and mental/emotional resilience, Rashard has learned the importance of being defiant of the norm and pushing through barriers to break the traditional mold of mediocrity. 

With the understanding that self-accountability is one of the major keys to success, Rashard has built 5 businesses from the ground up with ZERO money! He now lives his dream life of financial/time freedom with his warrior Queen and their 3 princesses in Memphis, TN.

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