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Today’s episode features a successful industrial investor and commercial real estate lawyer Atty. Ron Rohde, sharing his extensive background in the real estate business. We’ll cover structuring deals, the dos and don’ts in industrial property investing, and seeking advice from a real estate attorney for legal issues involved in commercial investing. Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Why industrial real estate might be the best fit for you
  • Ideal purchasing process and team structure for industrial investments
  • Benefits of working with commercial law firms
  • Major mistakes new commercial investors should avoid 
  • When to ask for legal assistance from a real estate lawyer
  • How to become a confident commercial investor

About Atty. Ron Rohde

Atty. Ronald “Ron” Rohde is an experienced investor and commercial real estate attorney. He learned Mandarin Chinese growing up and has fully fluent staff who read and write Chinese.

He is a Texan with a long history in north Texas real estate. As soon as he had a driver’s license, he was delivering keys to tenants, supervising contractors, or delivering notarized closing documents for a variety of rental properties. With both parents as licensed real estate brokers and mortgage lenders, it was a natural evolution to advise clients on real estate transactions.

“I’ve always enjoyed careful, precise reading and, after becoming a lawyer, knew how to blend my experience with an industry I am passionate about.”- Atty. Ron

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