Empowering Elite Realtors to

Build & Protect Their Wealth

through Commercial Real Estate Investments

Generate Passive Income

Control Your Time

Grow Your Wealth

We know you’re burning the candle at all ends for your real estate business. 

It’s time for your money to work just as hard as you do.

We help high-earning Realtors stabilize the commission roller coaster and become agent-optional on their terms

Do You Want To

Create a More Balanced Life?

You love real estate. You love helping people.

But you know that something needs to change.

You want the freedom to…

  • Take an unplanned getaway with your wife
  • Coach your kid’s soccer team on weekends
  • Disconnect from your email for a few days
  • Free up more time for the grandkids
  • Generate income without working longer hours
You want a better lifestyle, but you don’t have the passive income to support it.

What We Do

About Agent Optional

We specialize in providing high-earning Realtors with the opportunity to passively invest in commercial properties.

We source, underwrite, and make deals available to our Agent Optional Investor Community. Investors evaluate each opportunity and choose to only invest in the deals that best fit their passive income goals. 

We invest in every deal alongside our investors.

How It Works

Our Proven Process

Source a Deal

We source a property or properties that meet our investment criteria. After thorough due diligence and underwriting, we make the investment opportunity available to our investor community.


The GP Team (us) invests alongside our investors as we pool our funds together to purchase the property. Investors earn returns on their investment without being involved in the property management.

Optimize & Manage

Years 1-3

Depending on the property, we may implement a business plan to optimize the property's performance and value. In every case, our team takes care of active property management.


Years 3-10

We sell the property or refinance at the optimal time to maximize investor returns from either event. Investors share in the sale proceeds, and their initial investment is returned. 

5 Reasons

Why Realtors Invest

Passive Income
Most high-earning Realtors want to invest in real estate, but they don't have the time. With our help you can create passive income streams without all the hassles of managing property on your own.
The stock-market is a rollercoaster. Commercial properties are historically recession-resistant. We strategically source properties that are designed to perform in all market cycles.
Rewarding Returns
Commercial properties offer rewarding returns so you can grow your wealth while reducing your to the unnecessary exposure many investors experience with traditional investments and stock market risk.
Tax Benefits
As a Realtor, you can achieve significant tax benefits through accelerated depreciation and cost segregation. Realtors can apply passive losses against their passive income for a more tax-efficient approach.
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You don’t need to be at the mercy of factors totally outside of your control like interest rates and the market.

You deserve an investment strategy that gives you more control.

Learn about Passive Investing

in less than 10 Minutes a Day

You need an investment strategy designed for you. Our series of 7 videos (each 10 minutes or less) are delivered straight to your email inbox.

Learn how investing in commercial properties can help you add an additional income stream, take control of your time, and make you more tax efficient.

Become Agent-Optional on your terms. 

Investing for agents by a former #1 agent!

Your Don't Need to Keep Worrying

About Your Family's Future

  • You shouldn’t have to rely on referring past clients for income to support your lifestyle through retirement.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice what you earn to achieve more lifestyle balance to actually enjoy what you’ve earned.
  • You don’t have to worry about your income going down when the out-of-your-control stock market has a bad year or the Fed raises rates.
  • You don’t have to miss out on time with those you love to answer client calls or do other people’s job just to get to the closing table.

Take Control of Your Future Today

Getting Started Is Simple


Set up a call with us so we can understand your goals! We want to make sure we are the right team to help you and discern if our opportunities line up with your financial objectives. If you love our conversation, you can join our Agent-Optional Investor Community. (It’s free!)


We source investment opportunities that meet our rigorous criteria. Our team will present all the information for your review including property details & underwriting. Evaluate if its a good fit for you so you can invest alongside us in the deal.


Once you invest, you’ll be on your way to preserving what you’ve earned and earning dependable passive income. Our team will send you regular progress reports and updates on the property so you can feel confident about your investment!

Have Questions?

Curious about how we can help? Investing with us is simple. Grab your spot on our calendar and chat with a team member to learn how we serve top-producers like you.

Listen to Our Podcast

Learn about Passive Investing in less than 10 Minutes a Day

 Our series of 7 videos (each 10 minutes or less) are delivered straight to your email inbox.

Learn how investing in commercial properties can help you add an additional income stream, take control of your time, and make you more tax-efficient.

Investing for agents by a former #1 agent!