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Tune in for another episode with valuable information for real estate professionals! Today’s guest BJ Gremillion shares his story of business growth through a successful partnership, possible ups and downs on your real estate journey, and the most vital components to consider in a COO or business partner. Get expert investing advice and practical tips from this show!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Effects of managing more than one real estate business
  • Possible setbacks of partnership and rapidly scaling a business
  • Important things to consider when hiring a COO
  • The value of a long-term opportunity-seeking mindset
  • A way for investors to overcome complacency

References/Links Mentioned

  • Gary Harper
  • The Collective Genius
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Opendoor
  • Offerpad
  • The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

About BJ Gremillion

BJ has been a real estate investor since 2008 and has enjoyed the variety and fast pace change that each year brings. Some might say 2008 was a rough year to get started, but he’ll tell you it was the time of his life! He absolutely enjoys the process and work that goes into building a brand and positive culture. 

He has purchased and sold thousands of properties with multiple exit strategies including lease options, long-term & short-term rentals, wholesaling, RV storage, commercial offices, fix and flipping, creative financing, land developments & entitlements, spec building, and custom new builds.

Successfully built and scaled four businesses with over 40 employees and over $25,000,000 in gross revenue in 2021. Real Estate Brokerage & Property Management. Est. 2010, Development & Construction: Est. 2015, Real Estate Investment Group: Est. 2010, Turn Key Rental properties: Est. 2021. Currently holds real estate in Arizona, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia & Tennessee. Headquarters are located in Gilbert, Arizona & Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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