It’s the typical trajectory of real estate businesses, to begin with single-family rentals and then move on to bigger properties such as multifamily and commercial real estate. While residential, single-family rentals do provide cash flow, investors soon realize that this path does not lead to much time and financial freedom, and success. In truth, what enabled most real estate investors to gain stable cash flow, grow their net worth, and achieve time and financial freedom is commercial real estate investing. 


Our guest today, Neil Timmins, talks about his real estate journey starting as a realtor and now, heading a company with a diversified portfolio focusing mainly on commercial and industrial real estate. Initially tying his hopes for passive income on single-family rentals, he’s learned the hard way that this asset is anything but passive. Listen now and learn how he found more stable cash flow and better returns, and at last, achieved financial freedom through commercial real estate investing.

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