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In this episode, Jason Jones reveals the secrets to running his successful real estate company and giving every client a great experience. Keep tuning in to learn the advantages of Airbnb and how to manage properties from long distances.

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • Ins and outs of real estate in Belize Central America
  • Short-term vs long term rentals
  • Realities of getting online reviews in real estate
  • Importance of transaction coordinating
  • How to build and maintain a great team culture


About Jason Jones

Jason Jones, a father of 4 – 2 dogs, a cat, and a girlfriend of 4 years, has been in real estate since 2011. He owns a company named Housemax Inc. that employs 15 people. They operate in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Orlando and have goals to open a few more markets by the end of the year in Southern states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee by way of other partners and licensed locations. Last year they closed 200+ transactions combined. They have bought and sold over 1200 properties over the years and flipped over 150. Currently, he owns several Airbnbs with an emphasis on vacation destinations and he also owns several properties in Belize Central America and still looking to expand in other markets.

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